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BigCommerce consistently rolls out updates for its #1 rated shopping cart software. Clients and developers alike request new features and the hard working folks in Austin and Sydney happily oblige. These E-commerce design features enable your store to take advantage of great marketing tools, management capabilities, and more features to reach unlimited potential! But not all the shopping cart development happens within. BigCommerce has forged ties with tech geniuses around the world to integrate amazing features into your store. Many third party applications have already been huge hits with BigCommerce customers. Software such as Webgility for QuickBooks support, MailChimp for email marketing, and many more have made their lives easier. Many of Redhead Labs’ clients make use of these great integrations. With more expected in the future (BigCommerce has introduced quite a few in just the last couple of weeks!), we relish the chance to help out clients sell more! To see a full list of BigCommerce apps for use with your store, go here: To get a quote for integration/setup, contact Redhead Labs here:

BigCommerce Features – Mobile Commerce Updates

We’ve gone over numerous reasons why BigCommerce makes for the best available E-commerce software. They continue to prove why they are the #1 rated shopping cart software in the world. With recent updates, BigCommerce pleasantly surprised their customers with more incredible features. Now they’ve employed a new change for all mobile commerce users to really enjoy! BigCommerce’s latest release includes a handy feature to update all of your content pages with a unique mobile page. This means you can shorten the content on some of your pages for your mobile customers, making an easier to read page. Or you can compose a special message specifically thanking them for using your site’s mobile version. Combined with BigCommerce’s earlier mobile features, it’s clear that shopping with mobile commerce is an investment worth looking into.   At Redhead, we can figure out the best ways to take advantage of this great new feature. Mobile commerce is a popular method to selling products to your customers that you definitely don’t want to miss out on! So contact this Tulsa web developer today for a quote, mobile consultation, or hourly work to fully utilize mobile commerce through your BigCommerce store!

What is Big Commerce?

Big Commerce, often referred to as BigCommerce (oneword), offers a simple solution to start an online store.  If you have a product or service to sell online, you will need build your store on some type of shopping cart software.  There are dozens of shopping cart software providers on the market.  BigCommerce is the #1 rated shopping cart software available today, according to…and for good reason. Shopping cart providers normally offer their software in one of 2 ways… Licensed – You can purchase the shopping cart software, download the software to your website host server and allow your host server to “run” the software.  These are often called “licensed” shopping cart solutions, as you purchase and own a license of the software that resides on your server.  By the way, if you hear the words “e-commerce software,” we’re talking about the same thing.  Although, licensed versions of shopping cart software can offer an additional level of html or php code customization, they offer some limitations in terms of upgrades, features, and cost.  Good software provider licenses, like Interspire, typically start at $1,000 or more, and some of them are much higher, like Magento, whose recommended Enterprise software license starts at $12,900 per year. Hosted – Hosted shopping cart software is different.  Hosted shopping cart software providers like BigCommerce host the software for you on their servers.  Sometimes called SaaS (software as a service), hosted software providers offer you the ability to build your website by logging into a store […]

Big Commerce Stores Made Beautiful by Redhead

Big Commerce online stores now offer over 96 built-in e-commerce templates to choose from.  Although many of these look great, store owners often want an entirely custom design to make their Big Commerce online store really stand out from everyone else.  That’s where Redhead Web Development comes in.  Redhead is a Certified Reseller and Big Commerce design partner who can develop a look for your web store that is hot and sexy or simple and minimalist – your choice. START Your Free Trial Store Today Why invest in a custom Big Commerce template design? You need to keep people on your website – studies show that you have just a few seconds to capture and keep the attention of your website’s visitors.  If you don’t maintain a visitor for more than a few seconds on your website, they are gone! You don’t want to lose sales – if your website looks the same as hundreds of others, or if it looks like a cheap template, chances are you’ve lost, and the customer will leave your web store. You need to build instant credibility – a good online store design can do this by showing your customer that you are not a cheapskate.  Reasonable logic would conclude that if you take the cheapest route possible with the look of your new store that you might take the cheapest route possible with the quality of your products.  Why do restaurants and retail stores spend 10’s of thousands of $$ to make their […]

Create an Online Store Fast with Big Commerce Design Experts at Redhead

Redhead Web Development is YOUR partner for Big Commerce Stores. If you have dreamed of starting a store online, or if you need a web store that is packed with the latest web 2.0 features, easy store management interface, and excellent SEO friendly tools, you need to use Big Commerce.  Their hosted online store system has been rated #1 by Although there are hundreds of Big Commerce Designers, Redhead is one of only a handful of Big Commerce Design firms listed on the company website. If that is not proof enough that we can help you launch a great web business, I don’t know what is. Redhead offer: Big Commerce templates Logo design Store settings Big Commerce SEO Internet marketing Product entry Product photography We help you with everything! PURCHASE your Big Commerce store account through Redhead and receive $100 in free SEO services. Just Click Below to Start Your Store Through Redhead Web Development