5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tulsa SEO Expert to Help with Your Website

You’ve worked hard to make your website look great and provide customers with the information they need about your fantastic products and/or services. But, have you considered utilizing a local SEO partner to help you stand out amongst the competition when it comes to search engine rankings? Here are five reasons why you should hire a Tulsa SEO expert to assist with your website. #1: You Gain a Knowledgeable Friend in Your Local Area One of the best reasons to hire a Tulsa SEO expert is that you gain a neighborly partner to help you reach your business goals. At Redhead Labs, we understand the unique challenges that Oklahoma small and medium-sized businesses face—mostly because we are one. We also get what cities and suburbs in the area to target to ensure you are getting the right type of traffic to your website, day in and day out. For example, we know exactly what keyword and optimization work it takes to effectively market lawn care services to homeowners in Owasso or offer custom-designed children’s tutus to parents in Jenks. Does “Jim the SEO Guy” in Los Angeles get that? Most likely not. And, if you’re ever so inclined, you can swing by the office to see how things really rock. #2: You Save Time and Can Focus on Other Important Tasks Working with a Tulsa search engine optimization firm also enables you to spend less time thinking about the narrow view in which search engines see your page and more […]

BigCommerce Semantics Search, Tulsa SEO Services

Semantic Search, SEO Services, and You What is Semantic Search?The Internet has been abuzz about Google’s changing search features for some months. But it finally happened – Google is now more dynamic and fluid than ever! With their new semantic search, Google plans to change keyword searches for its millions of users around the globe! Google’s new semantic search system creates a spin on keyword searches designed to deliver better results at a quicker pace. The ability to think about WHAT you’re searching for rather than just the words you type is an amazing feat that Google is trying to perfect for today’s modern Internet users. The chief idea is to find better results, more relevant results, and informative results for all your search queries. Semantic Search and Redhead So what does this mean for companies working with Redhead Web Development? What does this Tulsa-based SEO Consultant need to change now that Google is overhauling their search system structure? Nothing! Our SEO services are proudly written for both readability and content while maintaining optimized search results. Other SEO consultants are now backtracking and rewording their keyword-heavy text blocks. Meanwhile, Redhead can move forward researching future search engine changes to continue boosting your traffic.Contact this Oklahoma web developer for SEO services right away!

Great Ways to Market Your BigCommerce Site

What is SEO? Want to know a great way to increase traffic to your BigCommerce website through online advertising? Utilize a great asset available right from the start –  your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options found in your BigCommerce settings! With this feature you can optimize your product links and pages to better conform to search engines. This in turn increases your search engine results as well as the traffic drawn to your website. SEO marketing is a very important E-commerce tool you can’t afford to ignore. BigCommerce’s built in SEO techniques are great to take advantage of to make your website a hit. But the real art of utilizing SEO services is letting experts like the ones at Redhead generate huge amounts of traffic to your website and product pages. Promote Your Site with an E-commerce Blog An updated blog is a great way keep in touch with your customers as well as promote new and exciting additions to your BigCommerce site. You can also make use of blog comment features to advertise your site as well as get direct feedback from your customers. Various blogs are available to the public, but Redhead recommends WordPress blogs for their ease of use. They’re also one of the best blogs on the Internet, especially inviting to anyone looking to connect with new customers. At Redhead and we can customize your Wordpress themes to match your current website, creating a seamless synchronization between your E-commerce site and blog for all your visitors. Contact Your Customers What about Facebook, Twitter and […]

Big Commerce | How to Increase Traffic to My Web Store

Big Commerce online stores offer the best opportunity for high Search Engine Position of any e-commerce shopping cart software on the market. This article discusses 10 ways 20 ways that YOU can increase traffic to your BigCommerce online store.  High search engine position, means more traffic which in turn means higher sales.  If you want to get first page Google results, take full advantage of all Big Commerce SEO tools and incorporate some external Search Engine Optimization and marketing strategies to boost your web store’s rankings. FIRST, research what keywords or keyword phrases people are searching to find similar products.  Go to the Google Keyword Tool to see the exact phrases people are using to find products in your market.  The tool can be found here – https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal.  Make a list.  These will be your target keyword phrases. On each product page in your BigCommerce store, click on Other Details tab, and enter keyword phrases into both the Search Keywords and Meta Keywords fields Enter descriptive product tags in the Product Tags field, such as: “dog leashes” or “guitar strings” Enter the product’s name along with a few keyword phrases in the Page Title field – do not exceed 70 characters for your page title.  Make sure the title is readable and makes people want to click on the link. Enter a description, starting with your targeted keyword phrase in the Meta Description field – use no more 160 characters in your meta description as Google cuts it off beyond […]