What is Big Commerce?

Big Commerce, often referred to as BigCommerce (oneword), offers a simple solution to start an online store.  If you have a product or service to sell online, you will need build your store on some type of shopping cart software.  There are dozens of shopping cart software providers on the market.  BigCommerce is the #1 rated shopping cart software available today, according to TopTenReviews.com…and for good reason. Shopping cart providers normally offer their software in one of 2 ways… Licensed – You can purchase the shopping cart software, download the software to your website host server and allow your host server to “run” the software.  These are often called “licensed” shopping cart solutions, as you purchase and own a license of the software that resides on your server.  By the way, if you hear the words “e-commerce software,” we’re talking about the same thing.  Although, licensed versions of shopping cart software can offer an additional level of html or php code customization, they offer some limitations in terms of upgrades, features, and cost.  Good software provider licenses, like Interspire, typically start at $1,000 or more, and some of them are much higher, like Magento, whose recommended Enterprise software license starts at $12,900 per year. Hosted – Hosted shopping cart software is different.  Hosted shopping cart software providers like BigCommerce host the software for you on their servers.  Sometimes called SaaS (software as a service), hosted software providers offer you the ability to build your website by logging into a store […]

Redhead is Like a Big Bowl of Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We’ve all heard the question, “are you’re comparing apples to apples?” The services of service-oriented businesses like web developers are difficult to compare exactly.  It’s not like comparing identical iPhones with identical features from two different stores.  Service offerings are different.  Service providers have different levels of expertise, education, creativity, social skills, technical skills, business aptitude, foresight.  Even if you are comparing apples to apples…show me two apples, and I’ll show you one bruised, small, mushy apple from Walmart and one big, shiny, round, crunchy apple from the local farmer’s market. Sometimes we say, “please don’t compare apples to oranges.”  The web design industry is filled with both apples and oranges of all shapes and sizes, and there is one common thread that goes through the entire lot of them…each one of them can put together a website.  Beyond that commonality, their paths diverge. The services from Redhead Web Development are neither apples nor oranges.  What we provide is more like a big bowl full of chocolate covered strawberries. We are professional web developers.  We are artists.  We are detailed, finicky, perfectionists when it comes to content and copy.  We constantly study, we learn and refine the craft.  We don’t cut corners.  We are e-commerce experts.  We are marketing minds who freely share ideas beyond web design.  Some of these ideas have earned thousands of $$ for our clients.  Our skills are broad, and our minds are focused.  We are in the business of building business. When you are considering […]

How to Build a Brand That Burns

If you own a business with a name that blends in with every other Tom, Dick, or Harry Enterprises, it may be time to rethink your branding strategy. On ranchers’ livestock, a hot branding iron makes a permanent mark by burning through the hair and into the skin.  If the branding iron isn’t hot enough, it will only make a temporary mark that eventually fades. Let’s face it, when many of us small business owners start our companies, we don’t really consider the power of a great brand name.  With all the other “stuff” going on as businesses are being hatched, we often don’t take the time or invest the resources to come up with a hot brand name that sticks. Some of us opt for the simplest of brand names, such as Bill’s Tour Guides or K&S Hair Salon.  Some opt for mystery names, such as Industrial Solutions or Southern Sales, which tell potential clients very little about the business or products. If you are starting a business or want to heat up your brand, then think red hot.  You need a name that will burn on the minds of your potential clients. Your brand should define who you are and what your company does and do it in a way that is memorable.  The brand also needs to conjure up the right feelings and emotions about your business. There are many different strategies for developing the perfect brand name for your company or product line.  Here are a […]