Tulsa Web Developer ‘Likes’ Trendy Features

Redhead Labs knows the value of integrating social media and other online features into your business. To succeed in today’s world you have to present yourself on as many digital fronts as possible. But with all the steps taken to create your store’s online presence, are you remembering to spruce up your brick-and-mortar appeal? In a step that may seem a regression of technology, Facebook now offers printable posters to hang up in your office, around your store, or wherever you do business outside of the Internet! Customizable creations, you can insert your company’s Facebook link to advertise your store…in your store. It’s a great way to continue boosting your online presence to some who may not be aware of it. Tulsa Web Developer Redhead Labs is excited to see new ways that Facebook is finding to advertise your business. The melding of offline and online marketing can only continue and as social media experts, we’re excited to see what new trends may come to fruition! You can create edits to put your own store’s Facebook Page here: http://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/Facebook_Signs.pdf 

Big Commerce Stores Made Beautiful by Redhead

Big Commerce online stores now offer over 96 built-in e-commerce templates to choose from.  Although many of these look great, store owners often want an entirely custom design to make their Big Commerce online store really stand out from everyone else.  That’s where Redhead Web Development comes in.  Redhead is a Certified Reseller and Big Commerce design partner who can develop a look for your web store that is hot and sexy or simple and minimalist – your choice. START Your Free Trial Store Today Why invest in a custom Big Commerce template design? You need to keep people on your website – studies show that you have just a few seconds to capture and keep the attention of your website’s visitors.  If you don’t maintain a visitor for more than a few seconds on your website, they are gone! You don’t want to lose sales – if your website looks the same as hundreds of others, or if it looks like a cheap template, chances are you’ve lost, and the customer will leave your web store. You need to build instant credibility – a good online store design can do this by showing your customer that you are not a cheapskate.  Reasonable logic would conclude that if you take the cheapest route possible with the look of your new store that you might take the cheapest route possible with the quality of your products.  Why do restaurants and retail stores spend 10’s of thousands of $$ to make their […]

Big Commerce | How to Remove “There are no products in this category” message

Big Commerce category pages automatically display the following message if you have no products in a certain category, “There are no products in this category.” This message can be a hassle if you want to create category pages in your Big Commerce web store that are used as web pages without including any products in those categories.  For instance, we often use the WYSIWYG in Big Commerce’s category pages to create regular web pages for wholesale websites. Using categories allows us to display private pages to wholesale distributors or wholesale dealers by assigning certain categories to the wholesale customer groups within Big Commerce.  This is our workaround, as we can’t currently assign regular web pages to private categories viewable only by wholesale clients. But with this method, after you’ve created a nice page, who wants that pesky “no products” phrase at the bottom. How to Remove the Message “There are no products in this category.” Login to your Big Commerce store admin area Click on… Store Design > Design Mode tab > Open My Store in Design Mode After your store is open, navigate to one of the category pages that includes the message In the upper left hand corner, you will see the Design Mode window Click on “Toggle” Then put your mouse on the “There are no products in this category.” message and click This will highlight message (if it is not entirely highlighted, select it) Hit your space bar one time, then click  the “Save” button directly […]

Big Commerce | How to Change Add to Cart Quantity Box Maximum

Big Commerce stores come with a standard setting that only allows a quantity of 30 items on the quantity dropdown list or 99 items on the quantity text box before clicking “Add to Cart.”  This limits the number of items that may be added to cart. This does not work for store owners who sell products in bulk who may need to allow customers to add 100’s, 1000’s or 10000’s to their cart.  The fix for this is really quite simple. Please note that it is much easier to fix the quantity text box than it is the dropdown quantity box. I would not recommend using the dropdown box if your customer needs to add more than 50 items to their cart.  At that point, it’s usually easier for them to just type in the quantity. How to Fix the Quantity Dropdown Box Login to your Big Commerce store admin area Click on… Store Design > Browse Template Files Under Other Template Files scroll down to the SNIPPETS area to “CartQtySelect.html” and click it to open Now select the entire line of code on Line 32, where it says, “<option %%GLOBAL_Quantity30%% value=”30″>30</option>” Copy this line and paste it directly below and in each spot on the the line of code where it says “30” change it to “31” Repeat steps 4 and 5, changing the numbers to 32, 33, 34…and so on…till you get the desired maximum quantity you want to allow Then click “Save” in the upper left hand […]