Bigcommerce SEO – 10 Tips to Grow Your Website’s Rank

Having a great website with tons of nifty products is fabulous—but only if shoppers can find you. Beating out the competition when it comes to search engine rankings is actually quite simple if you know what steps to take in order to make that happen. Here are ten search engine optimization tips for your Bigcommerce store to get you started. #1: Do Appropriate Keyword Research Knowing what keywords shoppers are actually looking for is an essential first step to getting your page ranking higher. Thankfully, Google provides webmasters around the globe an exciting and easy-to-use tool to make this process much less confusing—the AdWords Keyword Planner. Simply log on, add a few phrases or words that describe your ecommerce store, and hit submit.  The planner will spit out a list of the top search results with the exact number of people who use them each month. Think of it as a mini-cheat sheet for all the rest of your Bigcommerce SEO efforts. You will also want to pay attention to longtail keywords, which are essentially keyword phrases versus individual keywords. Not only do these phrases offer a greater chance of ranking, they allow you to specifically target shoppers in a unique way. Learn more about longtail keywords here. #2: Know Who Your Competition Is One of the most overlooked facets to optimizing a website is failure to review what the competition is already ranking for. The easiest way to do this is to open up a web browser, go to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tulsa SEO Expert to Help with Your Website

You’ve worked hard to make your website look great and provide customers with the information they need about your fantastic products and/or services. But, have you considered utilizing a local SEO partner to help you stand out amongst the competition when it comes to search engine rankings? Here are five reasons why you should hire a Tulsa SEO expert to assist with your website. #1: You Gain a Knowledgeable Friend in Your Local Area One of the best reasons to hire a Tulsa SEO expert is that you gain a neighborly partner to help you reach your business goals. At Redhead Labs, we understand the unique challenges that Oklahoma small and medium-sized businesses face—mostly because we are one. We also get what cities and suburbs in the area to target to ensure you are getting the right type of traffic to your website, day in and day out. For example, we know exactly what keyword and optimization work it takes to effectively market lawn care services to homeowners in Owasso or offer custom-designed children’s tutus to parents in Jenks. Does “Jim the SEO Guy” in Los Angeles get that? Most likely not. And, if you’re ever so inclined, you can swing by the office to see how things really rock. #2: You Save Time and Can Focus on Other Important Tasks Working with a Tulsa search engine optimization firm also enables you to spend less time thinking about the narrow view in which search engines see your page and more […]

Back to School with BigCommerce | Olympic Google Doodles

Back to School with E-Commerce Tulsa web developer Redhead Labs noticed the summer days winding down (but still hot!), and fall is just around the corner. A new school year is quickly approaching and that means back to school shopping. Pencils, books, and new clothes aren’t the only must-have items this year. Gadgets, such as laptops, tablets, USB flashdrives, are among the hottest items for the new semester, and more people are shopping online for their needs. Recent polls show an estimated 40% of this month’s back-to-school shopping will be done online. Those are big numbers for those in the right E-commerce business. The autumn and holiday seasons may see big boosts for numerous online retailers, but the new school year can be just as impacting for your online store. Google Olympic Doodles Google is renowned for its often creative and entertaining usage of its homepage. Over the years hundreds of iterations of the Google logo honor birthdays, memorials, special events, and more. The 2012 Summer Olympics was a shoe-in for the same special treatment. Recent updates to the Google Doodles include interactive games right on the page, such as hurdles and basketball. Keep checking back daily for simple but fun games! Olympic Update The 2012 Summer Olympics are wrapping up this week. After NBC’s hard-learned lesson, more drama ensued on the world’s stage. Some athletes were disqualified for intentionally trying to throw a match. Controversial referee decisions have also plagued recent events. On the other end of the spectrum, Team USA is meeting each challenge handily. The men’s basketball and […]

NBC Learns the Pros and Cons of Social Media

The Pros and Cons of Social Media We’ve been documenting the 2012 Summer Olympics briefly here at Redhead Labs. This Tulsa web developer is enthralled by a recent story not involving events on the field, but off. With the advent of social media in our every day lives, it is now even easier to catch up on your favorite athlete, your countries top performers, and all other Olympic events. And therein lies the problem. Tape delays and Twitter have been at the forefront of this weekend’s events, with vocal critics lashing out against NBC. Tape-delaying events has enraged American sports fans, oftentimes spoiling the outcomes on newscasts before they air. Problematic online streaming has angered even more. NBC is learning the hard way that digital freedom comes at a price. So while the Twitter feeds light up with angry tweets, NBC has realized firsthand the mighty impact of social media. The powers that be at NBC have taken this online lesson to heart, altering their newscasts to reflect the primetime events, and even taking to Twitter to converse with critics and fans alike. Using social media to sift through the good and the bad is a necessity for any large business to succeed in today’s economy. Olympic Update The Olympics are into the first week after an exciting weekend of international competition. Team USA women’s soccer and basketball teams both came away from very convincing victories and have matches set for today. The men’s archery squad pulled off a nail-biting semi-finals finish, but […]

User Friendly BigCommerce Platform to Become User-Friendlier!

BigCommerce Showcasing BIG Updates BigCommerce is changing. They’re making a lot of changes, actually. This new image is indicative of all the great new changes for this #1-rated shopping cart software! Similar to Redhead Labs’ recent transformation, BigCommerce felt the need to spruce up their website and software, delivering something fresh and astounding to their clients. BigCommerce has constantly been on the threshold of cutting-edge upgrades and performance tweaks to deliver its already stellar shopping cart to new heights. The results come as no surprise to this Tulsa web developer! Along with a new website and new logo, the interface for BigCommerce stores is going to be changed for the better. New BigCommerce templates are being created, new and sleek features included, and plenty of additions are on the horizon. With improved navigation and userability, this high-rated shopping cart is determined to stay at the top! The new designs and upgraded features should be rolling out within the next month according the official BigCommerce blog. Follow it for more updates and information – we will watch here at Redhead Labs eagerly! Olympic Update The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics starts today, officially kicking off two weeks of global competition. Earlier this week the USA women’s soccer team led a roaring comeback to win the opening match against France 4-2. We’re behind the team %100 and eagerly awaiting the results of the rest of the games!

Tulsa Web Developer ‘Likes’ Trendy Features

Redhead Labs knows the value of integrating social media and other online features into your business. To succeed in today’s world you have to present yourself on as many digital fronts as possible. But with all the steps taken to create your store’s online presence, are you remembering to spruce up your brick-and-mortar appeal? In a step that may seem a regression of technology, Facebook now offers printable posters to hang up in your office, around your store, or wherever you do business outside of the Internet! Customizable creations, you can insert your company’s Facebook link to advertise your store…in your store. It’s a great way to continue boosting your online presence to some who may not be aware of it. Tulsa Web Developer Redhead Labs is excited to see new ways that Facebook is finding to advertise your business. The melding of offline and online marketing can only continue and as social media experts, we’re excited to see what new trends may come to fruition! You can create edits to put your own store’s Facebook Page here: 

Go for the Gold with Redhead Labs!

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics is a week away! Tulsa web design team Redhead Labs will be eager to kickoff this athletic spectacle after this invigorating if not exhausting summer. Our hearts and our eyes will veer toward the London arenas and stadiums with expectations and questions galore. Will Michael Phelps continue his dominance in swimming events? How will the women’s soccer team fare after a heartwarming and enthralling gold-medal finish against Brazil in 2008? Will the ever-rainy summer in London ever clear to help our Olympic athletes? Being an Oklahoma BigCommerce designer, we can’t wait to see how our hometown athletes handle this biggest of stages. University of Oklahoma gymnasts Jacob Dalton and Jonathon Horton are sure to tackle the international competition with gusto. The Oklahoma City Thunder also has three US Olympians in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden (Serge Ibaka is also on the Spanish national team, heavily favored to contest with the US). A myriad of other athletes representing the great state of Oklahoma and the United States will take their place as one-of-a-kind athletes for the next few weeks! We are eager to cheer on our American athletes in this global competition. Our relations with our numerous international clients have led to some verbal jarring (all in good fun of course) in the spirit of friendly competition, and we can’t wait to see all the athletes take the field, lanes, mats, and more to represent their countries this summer!    

BigCommerce Apps | Social Media App ‘Echoed’

Tulsa web designer Redhead Labs has covered a number of BigCommerce’s third party integrations already, and we’re excited to talk about another app that is sure to turn some heads. Echoed is a social marketing application to reward your customers for sharing your products on their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Echoed’s social goals are simple – let your customers share your products around the globe. After each purchase, your visitors will be offered customizable tweets/status updates to post on their social media accounts, instantly inviting their friends, family, and co-workers to view the great products recently purchased! The best part of Echoed is its instant rewards feature. For sharing their recent purchases from your website, your customers will garner savings that will be automatically credited to their card. There’s no reason for your customers NOT to share! You can access the Echoed website here:

BigCommerce Features | Search Engine Optimization for Your Store

Some of the best features of BigCommerce are available right from the get-go! This #1 rated shopping cart platform has some great features that you can advantage of the moment you sign up. SEO Friendly Shopping Cart Did you know that your BigCommerce website is specially formatted to already bring in great search engine results? You just need to do a little legwork! Creating custom URLs for your products, categories, and pages really boosts SEO results. Each category, page, and product has SEO optimized capabilities right there within the BigCommerce store – conveniently setup for you to fill in keywords and phrases to help boost traffic! BigCommerce also has some handy webinars, walkthrough videos, and more to help all their customers struggling with search engine woes. You can also contact Tulsa web developer Redhead Labs for SEO services today!