What You Might Not Know About the Encryption Debate

Encryption: if you pay attention to the political or technology news in the slightest, then you’re at least somewhat aware of this hot-button topic. This isn’t the first time that tech giants and intelligence agencies have disagreed, but it might be the first time we see a new law drafted because of it. A revised draft of a bill featuring bi-partisan support was submitted for review before going publicly to congress, but as is becoming normal lately, it was leaked to to the press pretty soon after. I mean why even bother trying to do things behind closed doors at this point? In short, an unlikely pairing of Sens. Dianne Feinstein [D-CA] and Richard Burr [R-NC] has given rise to a piece of legislation designed with the sole purpose of keeping Americans safe, titled the Compliance with Court Orders Act 2016. The idea is that if there is a criminal investigation being conducted wherein key evidence is locked away in someone’s phone or computer, manufacturers will be required to assist law enforcement agencies by breaking into the device to retrieve the data. Feinstein elaborates in a quote from her press release on April 13: “Today, terrorists and criminals are increasingly using encryption to foil law enforcement efforts, even in the face of a court order. We need strong encryption to protect personal data, but we also need to know when terrorists are plotting to kill Americans.” A very reasonable notion, indeed. Fighting for the local front is Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who testified before […]

How Will the TPP Affect My Online Store?

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal? The TPP is a multi-national trade agreement between twelve countries that share borders with the Pacific Ocean; the list includes the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore. The details have officially been made public in the past couple days, and they seem more-or-less is line with what we were promised they would be: a general freeing of trade restrictions as a means of encouraging economic growth as a whole. So what does this mean for you as an online retailer? The TPP in its entirety can be found online, but the chapter on electronic commerce is what we’ll address here; essentially it allows you to operate in all partnered countries without having to have foreign brick-and-mortar locations. Until now some countries, Australia for example, required e-commerce operators to have local computer infrastructure in the economies in which they want to operate. So if you manufactured and shipped widgets from the US and you saw market potential in Sydney, you would have to set up overseas servers in the land down under before you got anything going. These kinds of restrictions made it harder for small, or even medium-sized business to reach their full potential in the global market due drastically increased overhead. Additionally, the TPP aims to remove trade tariffs on imports and exports, as well as ensure that other governments don’t discriminate against electronically transmitted services not sourced domestically. You as an entrepreneur have the potential to greatly expand your business for two simple reasons: International […]

Making Your Transition from Magento Go to Bigcommerce Simple

It is no secret that Magento Go is closing its doors in February 2015. When this news broke in July 2014, it forced many online merchants to find a new platform to host their stores. Thankfully, the eBay-owned shopping cart platform provided users with a solid recommendation for new hosting—Bigcommerce. Are you a Magento Go storeowner wondering what you should do from here on out? Transitioning your store from Magento Go to Bigcommerce does not have to be a hectic one. In fact, it can be incredibly simple—if handled appropriately. Here are a few steps to take to make the overall switchover as painless as possible. Magento Go to Bigcommerce: Where to Begin The first step in successfully transferring your site from Magento Go to Bigcommerce starts with a simple phone call. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Bigcommerce will be more than willing to help you setup your new account and take advantage of special offers available exclusively to those making this change. In addition, they can also assist you in transferring product details and customer files from the old platform to the new. (Tip: One important note to remember about this step is that Bigcommerce’s migration package does not include any template design files or previous orders.) Magento Go to Bigcommerce: Finding a Design Partner After you have done this, you will want to find a Bigcommerce design partner to work with. A design partner will help you match the layout of your existing site (or create a […]

Back to School with BigCommerce | Olympic Google Doodles

Back to School with E-Commerce Tulsa web developer Redhead Labs noticed the summer days winding down (but still hot!), and fall is just around the corner. A new school year is quickly approaching and that means back to school shopping. Pencils, books, and new clothes aren’t the only must-have items this year. Gadgets, such as laptops, tablets, USB flashdrives, are among the hottest items for the new semester, and more people are shopping online for their needs. Recent polls show an estimated 40% of this month’s back-to-school shopping will be done online. Those are big numbers for those in the right E-commerce business. The autumn and holiday seasons may see big boosts for numerous online retailers, but the new school year can be just as impacting for your online store. Google Olympic Doodles Google is renowned for its often creative and entertaining usage of its homepage. Over the years hundreds of iterations of the Google logo honor birthdays, memorials, special events, and more. The 2012 Summer Olympics was a shoe-in for the same special treatment. Recent updates to the Google Doodles include interactive games right on the page, such as hurdles and basketball. Keep checking back daily for simple but fun games! Olympic Update The 2012 Summer Olympics are wrapping up this week. After NBC’s hard-learned lesson, more drama ensued on the world’s stage. Some athletes were disqualified for intentionally trying to throw a match. Controversial referee decisions have also plagued recent events. On the other end of the spectrum, Team USA is meeting each challenge handily. The men’s basketball and […]

User Friendly BigCommerce Platform to Become User-Friendlier!

BigCommerce Showcasing BIG Updates BigCommerce is changing. They’re making a lot of changes, actually. This new image is indicative of all the great new changes for this #1-rated shopping cart software! Similar to Redhead Labs’ recent transformation, BigCommerce felt the need to spruce up their website and software, delivering something fresh and astounding to their clients. BigCommerce has constantly been on the threshold of cutting-edge upgrades and performance tweaks to deliver its already stellar shopping cart to new heights. The results come as no surprise to this Tulsa web developer! Along with a new website and new logo, the interface for BigCommerce stores is going to be changed for the better. New BigCommerce templates are being created, new and sleek features included, and plenty of additions are on the horizon. With improved navigation and userability, this high-rated shopping cart is determined to stay at the top! The new designs and upgraded features should be rolling out within the next month according the official BigCommerce blog. Follow it for more updates and information – we will watch here at Redhead Labs eagerly! Olympic Update The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics starts today, officially kicking off two weeks of global competition. Earlier this week the USA women’s soccer team led a roaring comeback to win the opening match against France 4-2. We’re behind the team %100 and eagerly awaiting the results of the rest of the games!

BigCommerce Features | Search Engine Optimization for Your Store

Some of the best features of BigCommerce are available right from the get-go! This #1 rated shopping cart platform has some great features that you can advantage of the moment you sign up. SEO Friendly Shopping Cart Did you know that your BigCommerce website is specially formatted to already bring in great search engine results? You just need to do a little legwork! Creating custom URLs for your products, categories, and pages really boosts SEO results. Each category, page, and product has SEO optimized capabilities right there within the BigCommerce store – conveniently setup for you to fill in keywords and phrases to help boost traffic! BigCommerce also has some handy webinars, walkthrough videos, and more to help all their customers struggling with search engine woes. You can also contact Tulsa web developer Redhead Labs for SEO services today!

Happy Independence Day! Redhead Labs Celebrates the 4th of July

It’s the middle of summer and it sure feels like it! This Oklahoma web developer caught a cool spell recently, dropping just below 100 degrees in time for the Fourth of July. Our offices will be closed on Wednesday July 4th, but a shortened work week only means harder work the other four days! We have a habit of making up for lost time around here. But for tomorrow, the team at Redhead Labs is planning on enjoying some good company, good food, and some good times to honor the nation’s 236th year. We want to wish all of our clients, our friends, and family all a safe and enjoyable holiday!

BigCommerce Store Apps | Constant Contact

The Tulsa web designers at Redhead Labs firmly believe promoting your business is nearly as important as the items you’re selling. Whether through an online campaign, business card handouts, or a good old fashioned meet-and-greet, your business can always use more connections. And thankfully, there are a few BigCommerce Apps to help make that easier. Constant Contact lets you stay contact your customers – you guessed it – constantly, via email and social networks to really engage customers for return visits. Their email marketing system is used by many BigCommerce customers and is easy to edit, manage, and benefit from for your online store! You can access the Constant Contact website here: http://bigcommerce.constantcontact.com/index.jsp

Tulsa Web Design | BigCommerce Apps

Here at Redhead Labs, we love learning about all the new apps integrated for BigCommerce stores. Downtime is very rare for this Oklahoma web developer, but when we have some we love getting our hands dirty exploring the new BigCommerce features. Thankfully, there are new apps introduced constantly! The most recent app, SocialShout!, is a nifty social media tool that rewards your customers for sharing news and updates about your products! By giving points based on activity, your customers can rack up discounts by using Facebook, Twitter, and more! The incentive-based integration really is a great way to increase your word-of-mouth sales. With well over 50 different apps for your store, BigCommerce is doing its part to ensure you have the most features among any shopping cart platform. Keep your eyes open for some more great gadgets – they’re sure to be hits!