User Friendly BigCommerce Platform to Become User-Friendlier!

BigCommerce Showcasing BIG Updates BigCommerce is changing. They’re making a lot of changes, actually. This new image is indicative of all the great new changes for this #1-rated shopping cart software! Similar to Redhead Labs’ recent transformation, BigCommerce felt the need to spruce up their website and software, delivering something fresh and astounding to their clients. BigCommerce has constantly been on the threshold of cutting-edge upgrades and performance tweaks to deliver its already stellar shopping cart to new heights. The results come as no surprise to this Tulsa web developer! Along with a new website and new logo, the interface for BigCommerce stores is going to be changed for the better. New BigCommerce templates are being created, new and sleek features included, and plenty of additions are on the horizon. With improved navigation and userability, this high-rated shopping cart is determined to stay at the top! The new designs and upgraded features should be rolling out within the next month according the official BigCommerce blog. Follow it for more updates and information – we will watch here at Redhead Labs eagerly! Olympic Update The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics starts today, officially kicking off two weeks of global competition. Earlier this week the USA women’s soccer team led a roaring comeback to win the opening match against France 4-2. We’re behind the team %100 and eagerly awaiting the results of the rest of the games!

IPv6 Launch – The Ever-Evolving Internet

The Internet has undergone a major change recently, one that 90% of web surfers probably aren’t even aware of. Maybe a little background can shed light on the latest topic on the web. In simple terms, an IP address is a series of numbers assigned to each device with a connection to the Internet. Previously, IP addresses contained four sets of numbers (12.3456.7890.12, for example). This is referred to as IPv4 and has just over 4 billion possible addresses. But surprisingly, that’s not enough. In just a few short years, access to the Internet has exploded and it became apparent that the millions of new users would need millions of new IP addresses. They’re getting just that and more. With the new IPv6, there are 340 trillion trillion trillion possible new addresses. That’s no typo – just a lot of new people connected to the Internet! So what does this mean for your online business or personal computer network? Not a whole lot right now. Most devices are still connected to the Internet using IPv4 and are likely to stay that way for some time (it’s only been two days since IPv6 was launched, after all!). It’s something you’ll want to keep your eye on for the future – but right now just read up on how a major global change for good is going by largely unnoticed.

Tulsa BigCommerce Designer – Redhead Labs

Things are looking a little different for this Tulsa web design firm as Redhead Web Development has recently changed to Redhead Labs! Our name and website may have changed – our quality services and expertise are the same. We simply took a page out of our own web development handbook and freshened up our image. The new name rolls off the tongue and is a shining example of how a simple change can update your business model. After changing the name, we polished up the website to give it a fresh new look! Take some time to explore the new Redhead Labs website and check out all the amazing services this Tulsa-based BigCommerce designer offers. Our extensive portfolio is easier to navigate. Our employees have been transformed to more accurately represent our superhero-like web design qualities. And of course, we offer numerous E-Commerce and Web Development services!

Buy 5 Hour – New Energy Boost Website

Redhead Labs is proud to introduce the launch of another new website – Buy 5-Hour Energy is an authorized seller of 5-Hour Energy branded products. The effective energy shot is a one-of-a-kind boost to help get through groggy days. Various products available include: original 5-Hour Energy, decaf, and extra strength. For all your energy needs, Buy5Hour also offers its popular products in numerous flavors such as berry, lemon-lime, orange, citrus, grape, and pomegranate. For this project, Redhead provided a complete website redesign. We created a BigCommerce template design and also set up a complete Email Marketing system for Buy5Hour. Redhead specializes in creating clean, easy-to-use ecommerce stores and websites with features that help companies grow their business online. You can access Buy5Hour’s new website here:  

Jobs in OKC Website Just Launched

Jobs in OKC Just launched a powerful local search engine for people seeking jobs in Oklahoma City. Redhead has been hard at work developing a series of local job search engine websites. We wanted to build a collection of robust local job search sites to bridge the gap between giant job search sites like &, and the small, poorly populated local job boards and job sites. Our job sites are focused on local areas to give job seekers a more relevant search experience. Job listings are served up from a gigantic database of listings, the same database that feeds jobs to Facebook and LinkedIn. Listings come from over 25,000 online sources of job posts, including national websites, private job boards, and company career websites, so you can be assured that you are getting a ton of local job options from all kinds of online sources. We will be announcing more sites in the future, but for now, check out to view the 1000’s of job openings available in and around Oklahoma City.