How Will the TPP Affect My Online Store?

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal? The TPP is a multi-national trade agreement between twelve countries that share borders with the Pacific Ocean; the list includes the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore. The details have officially been made public in the past couple days, and they seem more-or-less is line with what we were promised they would be: a general freeing of trade restrictions as a means of encouraging economic growth as a whole. So what does this mean for you as an online retailer? The TPP in its entirety can be found online, but the chapter on electronic commerce is what we’ll address here; essentially it allows you to operate in all partnered countries without having to have foreign brick-and-mortar locations. Until now some countries, Australia for example, required e-commerce operators to have local computer infrastructure in the economies in which they want to operate. So if you manufactured and shipped widgets from the US and you saw market potential in Sydney, you would have to set up overseas servers in the land down under before you got anything going. These kinds of restrictions made it harder for small, or even medium-sized business to reach their full potential in the global market due drastically increased overhead. Additionally, the TPP aims to remove trade tariffs on imports and exports, as well as ensure that other governments don’t discriminate against electronically transmitted services not sourced domestically. You as an entrepreneur have the potential to greatly expand your business for two simple reasons: International […]

Making Your Transition from Magento Go to Bigcommerce Simple

It is no secret that Magento Go is closing its doors in February 2015. When this news broke in July 2014, it forced many online merchants to find a new platform to host their stores. Thankfully, the eBay-owned shopping cart platform provided users with a solid recommendation for new hosting—Bigcommerce. Are you a Magento Go storeowner wondering what you should do from here on out? Transitioning your store from Magento Go to Bigcommerce does not have to be a hectic one. In fact, it can be incredibly simple—if handled appropriately. Here are a few steps to take to make the overall switchover as painless as possible. Magento Go to Bigcommerce: Where to Begin The first step in successfully transferring your site from Magento Go to Bigcommerce starts with a simple phone call. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Bigcommerce will be more than willing to help you setup your new account and take advantage of special offers available exclusively to those making this change. In addition, they can also assist you in transferring product details and customer files from the old platform to the new. (Tip: One important note to remember about this step is that Bigcommerce’s migration package does not include any template design files or previous orders.) Magento Go to Bigcommerce: Finding a Design Partner After you have done this, you will want to find a Bigcommerce design partner to work with. A design partner will help you match the layout of your existing site (or create a […]

Bigcommerce SEO – 10 Tips to Grow Your Website’s Rank

Having a great website with tons of nifty products is fabulous—but only if shoppers can find you. Beating out the competition when it comes to search engine rankings is actually quite simple if you know what steps to take in order to make that happen. Here are ten search engine optimization tips for your Bigcommerce store to get you started. #1: Do Appropriate Keyword Research Knowing what keywords shoppers are actually looking for is an essential first step to getting your page ranking higher. Thankfully, Google provides webmasters around the globe an exciting and easy-to-use tool to make this process much less confusing—the AdWords Keyword Planner. Simply log on, add a few phrases or words that describe your ecommerce store, and hit submit.  The planner will spit out a list of the top search results with the exact number of people who use them each month. Think of it as a mini-cheat sheet for all the rest of your Bigcommerce SEO efforts. You will also want to pay attention to longtail keywords, which are essentially keyword phrases versus individual keywords. Not only do these phrases offer a greater chance of ranking, they allow you to specifically target shoppers in a unique way. Learn more about longtail keywords here. #2: Know Who Your Competition Is One of the most overlooked facets to optimizing a website is failure to review what the competition is already ranking for. The easiest way to do this is to open up a web browser, go to […]

User Friendly BigCommerce Platform to Become User-Friendlier!

BigCommerce Showcasing BIG Updates BigCommerce is changing. They’re making a lot of changes, actually. This new image is indicative of all the great new changes for this #1-rated shopping cart software! Similar to Redhead Labs’ recent transformation, BigCommerce felt the need to spruce up their website and software, delivering something fresh and astounding to their clients. BigCommerce has constantly been on the threshold of cutting-edge upgrades and performance tweaks to deliver its already stellar shopping cart to new heights. The results come as no surprise to this Tulsa web developer! Along with a new website and new logo, the interface for BigCommerce stores is going to be changed for the better. New BigCommerce templates are being created, new and sleek features included, and plenty of additions are on the horizon. With improved navigation and userability, this high-rated shopping cart is determined to stay at the top! The new designs and upgraded features should be rolling out within the next month according the official BigCommerce blog. Follow it for more updates and information – we will watch here at Redhead Labs eagerly! Olympic Update The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics starts today, officially kicking off two weeks of global competition. Earlier this week the USA women’s soccer team led a roaring comeback to win the opening match against France 4-2. We’re behind the team %100 and eagerly awaiting the results of the rest of the games!

BigCommerce Apps | Social Media App ‘Echoed’

Tulsa web designer Redhead Labs has covered a number of BigCommerce’s third party integrations already, and we’re excited to talk about another app that is sure to turn some heads. Echoed is a social marketing application to reward your customers for sharing your products on their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Echoed’s social goals are simple – let your customers share your products around the globe. After each purchase, your visitors will be offered customizable tweets/status updates to post on their social media accounts, instantly inviting their friends, family, and co-workers to view the great products recently purchased! The best part of Echoed is its instant rewards feature. For sharing their recent purchases from your website, your customers will garner savings that will be automatically credited to their card. There’s no reason for your customers NOT to share! You can access the Echoed website here:

BigCommerce Features | Search Engine Optimization for Your Store

Some of the best features of BigCommerce are available right from the get-go! This #1 rated shopping cart platform has some great features that you can advantage of the moment you sign up. SEO Friendly Shopping Cart Did you know that your BigCommerce website is specially formatted to already bring in great search engine results? You just need to do a little legwork! Creating custom URLs for your products, categories, and pages really boosts SEO results. Each category, page, and product has SEO optimized capabilities right there within the BigCommerce store – conveniently setup for you to fill in keywords and phrases to help boost traffic! BigCommerce also has some handy webinars, walkthrough videos, and more to help all their customers struggling with search engine woes. You can also contact Tulsa web developer Redhead Labs for SEO services today!

BigCommerce Store Apps | Constant Contact

The Tulsa web designers at Redhead Labs firmly believe promoting your business is nearly as important as the items you’re selling. Whether through an online campaign, business card handouts, or a good old fashioned meet-and-greet, your business can always use more connections. And thankfully, there are a few BigCommerce Apps to help make that easier. Constant Contact lets you stay contact your customers – you guessed it – constantly, via email and social networks to really engage customers for return visits. Their email marketing system is used by many BigCommerce customers and is easy to edit, manage, and benefit from for your online store! You can access the Constant Contact website here:

Redhead Labs | BigCommerce Apps “Ordoro”

At Redhead Labs we’re still marveling at all of the BigCommerce integrations for your store. There are so many options that we decided to continue writing up on them. There are a lot of great apps available already, so keep checking our blog and the BigCommerce apps section for more information! Ordoro is a shipping and order management tool that has helped plenty of BigCommerce users already. With its ability to streamline inventory management across multiple BigCommerce stores, this shipping app has great uses for those with multiple inventories and multiple shops to work with. This app integrates fully with FedEx, UPS, and USPS (and is in beta mode with some Canadian shipping functionality), automatically creating shipping labels as needed. There are options for bulk labels and dropshipping notifications, all of which can be very handy in an online business! You can visit Odoro’s website here:

Tulsa Web Design | BigCommerce Apps

Here at Redhead Labs, we love learning about all the new apps integrated for BigCommerce stores. Downtime is very rare for this Oklahoma web developer, but when we have some we love getting our hands dirty exploring the new BigCommerce features. Thankfully, there are new apps introduced constantly! The most recent app, SocialShout!, is a nifty social media tool that rewards your customers for sharing news and updates about your products! By giving points based on activity, your customers can rack up discounts by using Facebook, Twitter, and more! The incentive-based integration really is a great way to increase your word-of-mouth sales. With well over 50 different apps for your store, BigCommerce is doing its part to ensure you have the most features among any shopping cart platform. Keep your eyes open for some more great gadgets – they’re sure to be hits!  

BigCommerce | Support for Your BigCommerce Templates

BigCommerce consistently rolls out updates for its #1 rated shopping cart software. Clients and developers alike request new features and the hard working folks in Austin and Sydney happily oblige. These E-commerce design features enable your store to take advantage of great marketing tools, management capabilities, and more features to reach unlimited potential! But not all the shopping cart development happens within. BigCommerce has forged ties with tech geniuses around the world to integrate amazing features into your store. Many third party applications have already been huge hits with BigCommerce customers. Software such as Webgility for QuickBooks support, MailChimp for email marketing, and many more have made their lives easier. Many of Redhead Labs’ clients make use of these great integrations. With more expected in the future (BigCommerce has introduced quite a few in just the last couple of weeks!), we relish the chance to help out clients sell more! To see a full list of BigCommerce apps for use with your store, go here: To get a quote for integration/setup, contact Redhead Labs here: