BigCommerce Visits Redhead Labs in Tulsa

Redhead Labs enjoyed hosting Lee Sellers and Steve Power of BigCommerce. They visited our Tulsa offices on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. We appreciated the opportunity to introduce them to the Redhead team and to discuss plans to forge a stronger partnership in the future. Redhead Labs has been a Certified Design Partner for BigCommerce since 2009. Start a Free Trial and test out the BigCommerce shopping cart system.

Jobs in OKC Website Just Launched

Jobs in OKC Just launched a powerful local search engine for people seeking jobs in Oklahoma City. Redhead has been hard at work developing a series of local job search engine websites. We wanted to build a collection of robust local job search sites to bridge the gap between giant job search sites like &, and the small, poorly populated local job boards and job sites. Our job sites are focused on local areas to give job seekers a more relevant search experience. Job listings are served up from a gigantic database of listings, the same database that feeds jobs to Facebook and LinkedIn. Listings come from over 25,000 online sources of job posts, including national websites, private job boards, and company career websites, so you can be assured that you are getting a ton of local job options from all kinds of online sources. We will be announcing more sites in the future, but for now, check out to view the 1000’s of job openings available in and around Oklahoma City.

BigCommerce Just Added 100 Enhancements & Fixes with BigCommerce 6.1 Release

BigCommerce has just released BigCommerce 6.1, which includes (almost) 100 enhancements and fixes. Free Shipping coupon code Limit use of coupon codes to a certain country, state or zip code Limit the number of breadcrumbs displayed at the top of the content area Customize the gift certificate template – Yes!! Suggestive upsell module Category flyout menus And lots of other great improvements BigCommerce, recently recognized as the 3rd fastest growing company in tech-rich Austin, TX, is constantly adding features to help you market better and sell more. If you are a BigCommerce store owner, you need to schedule this upgrade from within your control panel.  As with all upgrades, sometimes the design template requires a little bit of massage to help everything display as it did before the upgrade.  Should you need assistance with your upgrade, contact Redhead. Check out a complete list of feature changes here – Hosts Latest Custom BigCommerce Templates by Redhead

Check out Redhead’s latest BigCommerce Templates at is the BigCommerce arm of Redhead Web Development. was created to showcase our latest design work for stores hosted on the BigCommerce shopping cart.  If you are looking for a web designer who genuinely cares about your business, then give us a call at 417-272-1932.  A fully custom BigCommerce template is a valuable investment and one that could add thousands of $$ in sales for your store.  It should not be left up to web designers who are inexperienced with BigCommerce. We make happy clients “It is just gorgeous! I love the logo, fabric texture, photos, and color theme…I love it.” Contact Redhead today for a free quote.  Tell us your vision for your website, and we will make it happen.  There are virtually no limits to what we can do with the look of your BigCommerce store.  PLUS, if you need help beyond store design, we will boost your search engine rankings and traffic with an effective SEO, marketing, social media  package.

Big Commerce Templates Completely Customized for Your Online Store

Big Commerce offers the best online shopping cart system today, with over 96 BigCommerce templates built right in.  However, most online store owners want a design that flows with their logo colors, company colors, and style. Redhead Web Development is an experienced, professional web design and e-commerce consulting company, specializing in the creation of customized Big Commerce templates.  When we create a Big Commerce template, we go beyond the packages and give you more.  See for yourself: Have the look you want!  Contact Redhead today to get a quote for your own custom Big Commerce template. If you don’t yet have your FREE BigCommerce trial store, start one today.  It’s Easy.

What is Big Commerce?

Big Commerce, often referred to as BigCommerce (oneword), offers a simple solution to start an online store.  If you have a product or service to sell online, you will need build your store on some type of shopping cart software.  There are dozens of shopping cart software providers on the market.  BigCommerce is the #1 rated shopping cart software available today, according to…and for good reason. Shopping cart providers normally offer their software in one of 2 ways… Licensed – You can purchase the shopping cart software, download the software to your website host server and allow your host server to “run” the software.  These are often called “licensed” shopping cart solutions, as you purchase and own a license of the software that resides on your server.  By the way, if you hear the words “e-commerce software,” we’re talking about the same thing.  Although, licensed versions of shopping cart software can offer an additional level of html or php code customization, they offer some limitations in terms of upgrades, features, and cost.  Good software provider licenses, like Interspire, typically start at $1,000 or more, and some of them are much higher, like Magento, whose recommended Enterprise software license starts at $12,900 per year. Hosted – Hosted shopping cart software is different.  Hosted shopping cart software providers like BigCommerce host the software for you on their servers.  Sometimes called SaaS (software as a service), hosted software providers offer you the ability to build your website by logging into a store […]

Big Commerce Stores Made Beautiful by Redhead

Big Commerce online stores now offer over 96 built-in e-commerce templates to choose from.  Although many of these look great, store owners often want an entirely custom design to make their Big Commerce online store really stand out from everyone else.  That’s where Redhead Web Development comes in.  Redhead is a Certified Reseller and Big Commerce design partner who can develop a look for your web store that is hot and sexy or simple and minimalist – your choice. START Your Free Trial Store Today Why invest in a custom Big Commerce template design? You need to keep people on your website – studies show that you have just a few seconds to capture and keep the attention of your website’s visitors.  If you don’t maintain a visitor for more than a few seconds on your website, they are gone! You don’t want to lose sales – if your website looks the same as hundreds of others, or if it looks like a cheap template, chances are you’ve lost, and the customer will leave your web store. You need to build instant credibility – a good online store design can do this by showing your customer that you are not a cheapskate.  Reasonable logic would conclude that if you take the cheapest route possible with the look of your new store that you might take the cheapest route possible with the quality of your products.  Why do restaurants and retail stores spend 10’s of thousands of $$ to make their […]

BigCommerce Store – – Redhead’s Latest Big Commerce Design Launch

BigCommerce is quickly becoming the Gold Standard by which all other Ecommerce shopping cart systems are being judged.  BigCommerce allows individuals with a great idea to launch an online store quickly and easily.  Redhead Web Development is a BigCommerce Designer and Ecommerce Consultant who can help you launch a store online. Check out the latest BigCommerce design project completed by Redhead. features trend-setting fashion accessories from around the world.  For this project, the client approached us with a design concept that they had developed in conjunction with Burghdorf Media Group.  Burghdorf supplied Redhead Web Development designers with layouts that included the colors, fonts, and styles that they desired for the web store. Using a variety of CSS, HTML, and Javascript code, Redhead Web Development translated the design concept into an active BigCommerce template that carried the design elements throughout the store.  Unique performance features of the finished web store include: Dropdown menu product drilldown navigation Dropdown search box with dynamic search Pop up newsletter signup form Image only product display Transparent menu backgrounds These are just a few of the customizations that Redhead can make to a BigCommerce store.  Redhead has also created BigCommerce Templates that include: Mega dropdown menus – those really nice header menus that “show it all” saving the browser time as they navigate the site Custom links in the side columns Widgets to display news, customer comments, weather, etc. Fade in Fade out slideshows Sliding slideshows Custom splash pages Rotating images Social media icon […]