Agloves – America’s #1 Rated Touchscreen Glove

Engineered for texting precision, Agloves launched their E-commerce store in September 2010. The brainchild of mother-daughter team Jennifer and Jean Spencer, Agloves quickly topped international markets in both retail and online sales. Their unique and tech-savvy product has generated global mass appeal in a very short time. What are Agloves? Agloves (Ag is the atomic symbol for silver) are winter touchscreen gloves made with silver-coated nylon fibers. This comfortable fabric puts conductivity into your gloves to easily operate iPhones, tablets, and any other touchscreen devices while keeping warm. Agloves are ideal accessories for texting and data usage. “Together (Jennifer and Jean Spencer) have addressed a market void, creating the first 10-finger touchscreen glove when the category was nascent, rapidly becoming the runaway category leader.” – Forbes Magazine Agloves…by the Numbers 173,000 pairs of Agloves were sold in 2011 alone and 15,000 pairs of their texting gloves were sold in their 36 hour national GROUPON – that’s roughly 7 pairs a minute! Their international distributor ships across the globe in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Highly regarded as the best in the business, Agloves was chosen as “Best of CES 2011″ and has garnered impressive media accolades. Redhead provided: brand consulting, web strategy consulting, BigCommerce template design, email marketing, SEO, social media building, international website development, custom shipping module, ecommerce store setup, website launch strategy, and ongoing support. You can check out the Agloves website here:  

BigCommerce Visits Redhead Labs in Tulsa

Redhead Labs enjoyed hosting Lee Sellers and Steve Power of BigCommerce. They visited our Tulsa offices on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. We appreciated the opportunity to introduce them to the Redhead team and to discuss plans to forge a stronger partnership in the future. Redhead Labs has been a Certified Design Partner for BigCommerce since 2009. Start a Free Trial and test out the BigCommerce shopping cart system.

New BigCommerce Features for BigCommerce Users

BigCommerce the Best Shopping Cart for Your Business We’re not keeping it a secret – BigCommerce is the best option for an E-Commerce store, whether you want to sell products locally, globally, or anywhere in between. Constantly rolling out new features, BigCommerce blows other competitors out of the water! What new features have come out recently? BigCommerce’s latest ventures will help businesses regain missed opportunities and drive traffic to your store. The abandoned-cart saver contacts customers who were just one click away from submitting their purchase. Their abandoned order is emailed (along with a coupon code for savings) to them, enticing their return and your profit! This is essentially found money, and the statistics show that return trips by your clients can add up to major profits. The other big new feature in the works is social sharing after purchase. Your customers can Tweet, post on Facebook, and message their friends and followers the amazing products recently purchased from you. With a simple button click, a satisfied customer can connect with hundreds of new potential buyers. These new features for your BigCommerce website will be ready over the next week or two. So get ready to tweak your business plan and contact Redhead Labs to make the most for your company!

Buy 5 Hour – New Energy Boost Website

Redhead Labs is proud to introduce the launch of another new website – Buy 5-Hour Energy is an authorized seller of 5-Hour Energy branded products. The effective energy shot is a one-of-a-kind boost to help get through groggy days. Various products available include: original 5-Hour Energy, decaf, and extra strength. For all your energy needs, Buy5Hour also offers its popular products in numerous flavors such as berry, lemon-lime, orange, citrus, grape, and pomegranate. For this project, Redhead provided a complete website redesign. We created a BigCommerce template design and also set up a complete Email Marketing system for Buy5Hour. Redhead specializes in creating clean, easy-to-use ecommerce stores and websites with features that help companies grow their business online. You can access Buy5Hour’s new website here:  

XPO Networks – New Technology Solutions Website

Redhead Labs is proud to introduce the launch of a new website for XPO Networks. XPO Networks is a technology solutions and services provider that specializes in small businesses with 1-100 employees. They provide reliable IT consulting, hardware, and technology support using brand-name and best-of-breed technology solutions. XPO Networks can help with any business tech needs, whether you run a home office or a multi-state business. Products & services include: network switches, computers, servers, spam filtering, VOIP hardware, and other IT support solutions. If you work in or own a small business and want to eliminate the headaches or confusion that can come with IT challenges, contact the professionals at XPO Networks. For this project, Redhead provided logo/brand consulting, BigCommerce template design, and store setup consultation. Redhead specializes in creating powerful ecommerce stores and websites that help companies grow their business online. You can access XPO Networks’ new website here:

The Avengers – How a Quality Product Can Guarantee Results

Powerful Brands Lead to Success Recently released in the US, The Avengers has broken numerous box office records. Already the early summer mega-hit has grossed over $200 million in this country alone. Its global sales are well over $700 million dollars, making a billion dollar goal very possible. The marvels at Redhead can’t seem to stop talking about this movie! Not all of this success was expected, however. Studio executives feared that the movie-pirating community would make a deep dent in the box office profits. Some were afraid the current economy would keep moviegoers at home. Still others felt that the superhero genre may have simply run its course. They were all wrong. Website Branding for Your Business The star-studded, action-packed superhero movie is a great analogy for your online business. A huge hit takes a number of successful parts to work correctly, and your business needs to function the same way. From the marketing and logo design, to the layout and aesthetics, everything should flow together to deliver one knock-out of  a website. Granted, Marvel Comics’ brand is on a much larger scale. But nothing is stopping you producing something equally compelling. Piece together the right pieces, and you will see results! Tulsa Web Design firm Redhead Web Development can help you with the foundation and creation to ensure the best for your business. Contact us today!

BigCommerce Semantics Search, Tulsa SEO Services

Semantic Search, SEO Services, and You What is Semantic Search?The Internet has been abuzz about Google’s changing search features for some months. But it finally happened – Google is now more dynamic and fluid than ever! With their new semantic search, Google plans to change keyword searches for its millions of users around the globe! Google’s new semantic search system creates a spin on keyword searches designed to deliver better results at a quicker pace. The ability to think about WHAT you’re searching for rather than just the words you type is an amazing feat that Google is trying to perfect for today’s modern Internet users. The chief idea is to find better results, more relevant results, and informative results for all your search queries. Semantic Search and Redhead So what does this mean for companies working with Redhead Web Development? What does this Tulsa-based SEO Consultant need to change now that Google is overhauling their search system structure? Nothing! Our SEO services are proudly written for both readability and content while maintaining optimized search results. Other SEO consultants are now backtracking and rewording their keyword-heavy text blocks. Meanwhile, Redhead can move forward researching future search engine changes to continue boosting your traffic.Contact this Oklahoma web developer for SEO services right away!

Jobs in OKC Website Just Launched

Jobs in OKC Just launched a powerful local search engine for people seeking jobs in Oklahoma City. Redhead has been hard at work developing a series of local job search engine websites. We wanted to build a collection of robust local job search sites to bridge the gap between giant job search sites like &, and the small, poorly populated local job boards and job sites. Our job sites are focused on local areas to give job seekers a more relevant search experience. Job listings are served up from a gigantic database of listings, the same database that feeds jobs to Facebook and LinkedIn. Listings come from over 25,000 online sources of job posts, including national websites, private job boards, and company career websites, so you can be assured that you are getting a ton of local job options from all kinds of online sources. We will be announcing more sites in the future, but for now, check out to view the 1000’s of job openings available in and around Oklahoma City.

Tulsa Social Media Experts – BigCommerce Designer

Have you heard of this new thing called Facebook? It’s still a little small right now with just under one billion active users. That’s right – one billion. Chances are you have a personal Facebook account to stay in touch with your friends and family. But one of the easiest ways to interact with your clientele is a business Facebook page. Creating one can lead to new levels of customer interaction. You can even integrate your BigCommerce store and sell directly from your Facebook page! Twitter is also a great way connect with your customers, fans, and even competing rivals! Utilizing its ‘tweet’ system, you can easily comment about store updates, display product photography, or even make contests for your followers! Twitter is a great way to boost publicity with ease.Pinterest is the new kid on the block, with just around 10 million users. Using Pinterest, BigCommerce users can market their products in new and interesting ways. Your clients will ‘pin’ their favorite things from your site, allowing for people all over the world the chance to view some amazing new things!Redhead can easily design your social media pages to match your E-commerce website. Contact this Tulsa web design team now and put your logo into the social networks to take advantage of some amazing marketing opportunities.