Top 10 Guidelines to Create Website Credibility

Several years ago, Standford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab performed a research study on over 4,500 people to see what factors are most important to establish a website’s credibility.  These are important factors to consider when pursuing any new business or project’s web design.  Although this study was completed in 2002, the basic foundations for establishing trust and credibility with your online visitors have not changed. Make it easy to verify the accuracy of the information on your site — You can build web site credibility by providing third-party support (citations, references, source material) for information you present, especially if you link to this evidence. Even if people don’t follow these links, you’ve shown confidence in your material. Show that there’s a real organization behind your site — Showing that your web site is for a legitimate organization will boost the site’s credibility. The easiest way to do this is by listing a physical address. Other features can also help, such as posting a photo of your offices or listing a membership with the chamber of commerce. Highlight the expertise in your organization and in the content and services you provide — Do you have experts on your team? Are your contributors or service providers authorities? Be sure to give their credentials. Are you affiliated with a respected organization? Make that clear. Conversely, don’t link to outside sites that are not credible. Your site becomes less credible by association. Show that honest and trustworthy people stand behind your site — The […]

How to Build a Brand That Burns

If you own a business with a name that blends in with every other Tom, Dick, or Harry Enterprises, it may be time to rethink your branding strategy. On ranchers’ livestock, a hot branding iron makes a permanent mark by burning through the hair and into the skin.  If the branding iron isn’t hot enough, it will only make a temporary mark that eventually fades. Let’s face it, when many of us small business owners start our companies, we don’t really consider the power of a great brand name.  With all the other “stuff” going on as businesses are being hatched, we often don’t take the time or invest the resources to come up with a hot brand name that sticks. Some of us opt for the simplest of brand names, such as Bill’s Tour Guides or K&S Hair Salon.  Some opt for mystery names, such as Industrial Solutions or Southern Sales, which tell potential clients very little about the business or products. If you are starting a business or want to heat up your brand, then think red hot.  You need a name that will burn on the minds of your potential clients. Your brand should define who you are and what your company does and do it in a way that is memorable.  The brand also needs to conjure up the right feelings and emotions about your business. There are many different strategies for developing the perfect brand name for your company or product line.  Here are a […]

Look Really Smart With This Free Web Tool

Have you ever seen those cool flow charts that some people create for sales presentations or company meetings? Those kinds of flashy charts can make people look really prepared and really smart.  However, if you’ve ever tried to create one with Microsoft Word or some other standard program that we all have, you know what a pain it is. Well, I found the answer in a little tool called  I began using this little gem several months ago, and it has saved me tons of time and has been a great resource for sharing ideas and concepts with clients. It is an online flowchart and visual mapping engine with drag and drop features that make it super simple to use. If you have an idea, you need to try this tool.  It can be used for: brainstorming mind mapping project mapping organizational charts divisional charts workflow concepts marketing concepts planning website navigation seo strategy planning and lots of other stuff… The other nice thing…it’s entirely free. Now we all can look smart and be smart too.  Check it out!